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Our policy positions

Age UK has agreed policy positions on a wide range of public policy issues.

Our policies cover money matters, health and wellbeing care and support, safe at home and active communities. There are also some cross-cutting themes, covered on this page, such as age equality and human rights, age-friendly government and information and advice.

Quick reference guide

See our quick reference guide for a list of all our current policy positions.

How Age UK decides its policy positions

All our positions are developed in line with the ‘policy principles’ agreed with our Trustees.

Policy positions aim to set out guiding principles and key objectives in major policy areas, but we also develop more detailed policy recommendations through carrying out research and responding to consultations.

List of policy position papers

Money matters

Age UK believes that all current and future older people should have sufficient income from state and private sources to live comfortably and participate fully in society.

Health and wellbeing

Public health is just as important for older people as for other age groups and prevention even more so. Preventing poor health and health crises in older people should be an essential objective for health and care services.

Care and support

Older people must be able to expect high-quality care and support services that are coordinated and joined-up around their needs and circumstances.

Housing and homes

Older people should be able to live safely and with dignity in good quality, warm housing that meets their individual needs, free from exploitation and abuse.

Active communities

Older people contribute a huge amount to society and the economy. Through work, volunteering, caring or grandparenting, older people take part in a range of activities all of which carry significant value. However, they face many barriers, including ageism, poor transport links and digital exclusion, which prevent them from playing a full and active role in the economy and society.

Cross-cutting themes

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Last updated: Dec 12 2019

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