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Switched Off: Save free TV for older people

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We have always argued the Government was wrong to transfer responsibility for the concession to the BBC and that the BBC was wrong to accept it. We still believe that the TV licence should be free for all over 75s. That's why we're committed to holding the BBC and the Government to account.

What happens now with the BBC?

Around 15,000 Age UK campaigners over the age of 75 recently answered questions about how the new TV licensing system is working. In October 2020, our Charity Director, Caroline Abrahams, met with Tim Davie, the BBC’s new Director General, and outlined all of the problems people have been experiencing.

They have taken our points on board and are committed to working with us to make the system as smooth and easy as possible for older people. You can read their statement here. 

We promise we will continue to hold the BBC to account on the commitments they’ve made.

Claiming Pension Credit makes you eligible for a free TV licence

To be eligible for a free TV licence, people will need to be claiming Pension Credit. Find out more about what this might mean for you, and check whether you're eligible to make a claim for Pension Credit.

What happens now with the Government?

Our concern has always been that if the Government thinks it can get away with handing over concessions like the TV licence, it might start looking at things like bus passes and the winter fuel allowance next.

So we're going to press the Government harder than ever about why hundreds of thousands of older people are living on such low incomes that finding the money for an unexpected bill like a new TV licence is so hard. 

Our top priority as a charity will always be making sure that the poorest pensioners in our society are safe, well and have enough money in their pocket.

You can help us keep the fight alive

If we're to truly make a difference for older people on the lowest incomes, we're going to need help. That's where you come in. By joining our campaigns, you can help give a voice to those society too often forgets. You can help make sure the issues affecting older people in the UK are top of the agenda for our politicians and decision-makers. And you can create lasting change for generations to come. 

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Last updated: Jun 01 2021

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