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Your thoughts on the care crisis

You've been writing postcards to your MPs, telling them why they need to care about social care.

Social care means support with day-to-day tasks like getting dressed, using the toilet or making a meal. It's simple stuff – but it's vital, particularly for older people.

Right now, a lack of funding in England is breaking the social care system.

1.4 million older people are struggling without the help they need. And the NHS is losing £500 a minute, because it's not able to discharge older people home from hospital safely.

This can't carry on. The piggy bank's almost empty, and older people are paying the price. Here's what people like you had to say to their MPs about why they need to take the care crisis seriously.

I care about social care because...

"We are all getting older, would you like your loved ones to be forgotten?"


"Older people should get the support they need that matters to them." 


"No family or friends to support, unable to do things on my own! Isolated and lonely - no support."


Add your voice to the campaign

Tell your MP why you care about social care.

"It's unsustainable in the future in its current state." 


"With numbers of older people increasing, funding needs to be re-thought."


"For the quality of care and people's complex needs, support family and carers."


"Our population is ageing and the current system is underfunded and complex."


We'll be sharing every message we receive with MPs across the country. They need to know how much social care matters. Will you help us make that message heard? 

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Last updated: Sep 12 2019

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