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Care plans

If you’re found to have care and support needs after your care needs assessment, you’ll get a care plan. This sets out the help you can expect to meet your care needs.  

What is a care plan?

Following your care needs assessment, if your local council finds that you have eligible care needs, then they'll prepare a care and support plan. You should be involved in putting together your care and support plan, so make sure to share your views and preferences.

Your care plan should specify what care and support you need to meet your needs. It should cover:

  • what your needs are
  • outcomes you wish or need to achieve
  • which needs your local council will meet and how they'll meet them
  • information and advice on how to reduce your needs, or prevent more needs developing in the future
  • the overall cost of meeting your needs 
  • how much money, if any, you must contribute to this cost
  • your personal budget
  • details of any direct payment that's been agreed upon.

Find out more about personal budgets and direct payments

You'll receive a copy of the care plan and a named person to contact with any questions or worries. 

What support will be included in my care plan?

Your care plan is personalised to you so what's in it will depend on your needs. Some types of support that might be included are: 

  • adaptations or equipment to make your home safer and easier to live in
  • help from home carers
  • a personal alarm to call for help
  • intermediate care services (including reablement) to help you to regain your independence and confidence after an illness or injury
  • time at a day centre, to meet people and socialise
  • a permanent place in a care home.

How often is my care plan reviewed?

After a new or revised care and support plan is introduced, your local council must review it within a reasonable time frame (usually 6-8 weeks).

After this, your care plan should be reviewed at least once a year, but this might be more often if needed.

If you feel your care plan doesn’t support your needs, contact the adult social services department of your council to ask for a review.

What if I’m not happy with my care plan?

You should be involved in putting together the care plan, so it's important that you raise any concerns at this time to reach an agreement with your local council.

However, if you have any problems or questions, you can contact the named person you were given to help resolve any issues. If you’re still unhappy, you can make a complaint to your local council. 

Find out more about making complaints about care to your local council

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Last updated: Jun 21 2024

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