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General Election 2024

Give older people a voice

A general election has been called for 4 July 2024, so we are urging all political parties to commit to policies that improve the lives of older people.

Worn down by the pandemic and cost of living crisis, older people are yearning for a more positive future for themselves, their families and generations to come.

So many older people feel under-valued for their contributions and abilities, and struggle with isolation, a lack of connection and local support. Many feel excluded, isolated and fearful, in some cases because their communities face the greatest deprivation or discrimination.

It’s taking a toll on their mental and physical health, and after earlier progress pensioner poverty has been rising again.

What we're asking for

When we ask older people from all walks of life what they want to see from the next Government, we hear the same things:

  • The income security from the Triple Lock staying in place and a reduction in pensioner poverty.
  • A reliable NHS where they can see their GP quickly and get hospital treatment within a reasonable timescale, and decent social care when its needed.
  • For our new Government to create a long-term plan for older people and to take the lead in tackling the challenges and seizing the opportunities presented by our rapidly ageing population, and for older people's voices to be heard when big decisions are taken affecting them.

Blueprint for improving the lives of older people

We explain the current challenges facing older people and our policy recommendations for how the next Government can tackle them.

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Last updated: Jul 10 2024

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