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Join the Readers' Panel

We're looking for people to join our Readers’ Panel to help us review our information guides and factsheets.


Gathering user feedback is an important aspect of our work as it allows us to ensure that our resources stay as useful and timely as possible.

Age UKs produce a wide range of information resources, on a variety of topics. We produce both information guides and factsheets:

  • Age UK information guides are written for older people and their carers, friends and family. They offer an introduction to a topic and then signpost to other resources or organisations for more information.
  • Age UK factsheets give more detail about a subject. They are designed for Age UK advisers, and for members of the public who want more detailed information.

See our list of information guides and factsheets

What will I do as member of the Readers' Panel?

As a member of the Age UK Readers’ Panel, we will contact you when we are updating our resources. We will email you a document to review along with a short questionnaire to complete. You will then be given a week to consider the questions and return your comments to us.

The Age UK Readers' Panel requires no previous knowledge, all we will be looking for is your general impressions on the content, tone, layout and structure of our guides and factsheets.

How do I take part?

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Age UK Readers’ Panel, please complete the short form below, giving us your contact details, and letting us know whether you have any particular areas of interest.

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Last updated: Jun 16 2021

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