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Terms and conditions / Code of conduct – Age UK Telephone Friendship Service volunteers

The following is a description of the arrangement between Age UK, and you, the volunteer, in relation to your voluntary work with Age UK's Telehone Friendship Service.

Age UK will commit to the following:

  • Providing you with training and any ongoing support and advice you might need to help develop your telephone friendship.
  • Ensuring you are treated fairly in an environment that does not accept discrimination and is sensitive to your needs.
  • Resolving any problems in a fair and just manner.
  • Allowing you to express your feedback and feel confident that this will be acted on appropriately.
  • Providing adequate insurance cover for you whilst undertaking voluntary work approved and authorised by us.

In return we require you to commit to the following Volunteer Code of Conduct:

  • I will commit to volunteering for at least one year.
  • I will make a weekly call to my telephone friend and will let you know in advance if I cannot make a call.
  • I will make time to make my call to my telephone friend and understand I cannot make my calls while I am driving.
  • I understand that if I regularly do not make calls you may end my volunteering with Age UK's Telephone Friendship Service.
  • I will let you know if my telephone friend needs any additional advice or support, or if I have any concerns about them.
  • I will respect my telephone friend's confidentiality by not discussing them with my friends or family.
  • I will not give or accept gifts, gratuities or bequests from my telephone friend or their friends and family.
  • I will not visit my telephone friend or exchange any personal details with them including my surname, telephone number and home or work address or email address.
  • I will not contact my telephone friend through any method of communication other than the telephone calls made through Age UK. This includes connecting on social media.
  • I will make you aware if my telephone friend tries to give me any of their personal details or contact me in any way.
  • I will not use the calling time to provide any commercial or business products advice.
  • I will show respect to my telephone friend and will not use inappropriate language or behaviour including discrimination.
  • I understand that my calls are recorded and may be listened to for training, quality and safeguarding purposes. I understand that the Age UK Telephone Friendship Service team may give me feedback on my calls.
  • I understand that should I be in breach of any of these, Age UK reserves the right to end my volunteering.

Are you volunteering through the organisation you work for?

These terms of conditions are for public volunteers. For T&Cs for corporate volunteers, follow the link below.


Last updated: Jun 24 2020

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